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Okładki :: Efectiva

We are an industrial bindery with long experience that provides complete bookbinding services for the publishing and printing industry.

We specialize in the production of covers (cases) for diaries, books, notebooks, copybooks, albums, etc. from our own or entrusted covering materials.

We create the stylish cover for the most significant matters, contents, documents, contacts or dates. We manufacture elegant office fancy-goods which are used for creating and strengthening the image of the company: diaries in unique bindings, business card holders, menu files, cases for documents, portfolios, folders, writing pads, address books, notebooks, photo albums, elegant visitors’ books, etc.

We are also the producer of such important components for industry as binder foamboard, foam paperboard and backlining.

Our company has been operating effectively since 1990. We have been developing continuously and enlarging our offer constantly according to our clients’ requirements.